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Hey Frenck!
How have you set up Home Assistant in your home?

This question is asked me quite a bit, actually! So, I decided, it is time to start documenting it, right here, on my website. Furthermore, I have my full configuration up on GitHub for everybody to see and browse. You can find it right here:


Honestly, I think my Home Automation system isn’t that special. I run Home Assistant, sure enough, that is cool! (Hey, what else did you expect me using?!). Reality: a lot of people do 😉

How I run Home Assistant

I run Home Assistant, which powers my home, on a custom build computer running Proxmox. In Proxmox, I have created a virtual machine running Linux (Debian Buster) for Home Assistant. I’ve used the Supervised Installer to install Home Assistant Supervised. Yes, I run a Supervised system.

There are several methods of installing Home Assistant, and really, there is no “best” way. Whatever somebody tells you, it is a personal choice. I love installations with a Supervisor as the way of running Home Assistant since it removes a lot of time wasted on system maintenance, allowing me to focus more on what matters: Automating my home (and that is a big task already!)

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