Internet of Things explorer and Open Source contributor.

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Hi! I’m Franck Nijhof, aka Frenck, and I am an open source developer and contributor. I guess you could say: I’m an open sourcerer! (👈 That is not a word).

I’ve been giving out software (and its source code) for free for many years already. However, in 2017, it all became more serious when I bumped into an open source project called Home Assistant; The Internet of Things got me.

Since that moment I’ve been spending pretty much all my spare time on the Open Source development of IoT projects, with the main focus on Home Assistant and related projects. Some weeks I’m even able to donate 30 hours to this great innovative world while maintaining my daytime job (in order to support my family).

In the past years, my free software has helped tens of thousands. However, I wish I could spend more time to help even more people and help to innovate the world of IoT for the average human being.

If I could describe my dream job, it would be being a full-time open source developer; Helping the world to become a better place by dedicating my time & knowledge to create & innovate open source software solutions. Allowing everybody on this earth the privilege to enjoy those things for free.

Franck Nijhof

I need your help to be able to continue and expand my open source journey. If you like what I do or use one (or more) of my creations: Please, consider supporting me. You will gain my eternal gratefulness. 🙏 ❤️

If you are a company that uses one of my projects, please consider backing me so I can continue evolving and maintaining these projects.

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If you have any questions or have a different proposal for me, please, contact me.

Internet of Things explorer and Open Source contributor.

Franck Nijhof

Home Assistant enthusiast and contributor, add-ons creator, IoT explorer, slightly assholic at first sight but actually a nice guy.

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